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Turnaround Services

We offer businesses a recovery plan in an effort to preserve organisational capability. We identify the primary causes and develop revitalisation strategies utilising a tested framework. Our multidisciplinary approach combines financial expertise, operational efficiency, and strategic direction for long-term growth.

Business Growth

Whether your goals are to increase offerings, penetrate new markets, or form alliances, we offer the networks and experience to support your growth objectives. Our expertise includes advanced marketing and sales tools, innovative financial engineering solutions, and the creation of synergistic partnerships. We are committed to driving your company’s success and ensuring sustainable growth.

Exit and Sale

Whether we are acquiring your business or working with you to sell to a third party, we will support you to ensure a smooth transaction and maximisation of shareholders value. We are aware of the difficulties that come with mergers and acquisitions including valuation techniques, deal formats, due diligence processes, and strategies of negotiating.

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Business Turnaround and Growth

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Empowering businesses for success.

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Marcel Vonarburg


Marcel Vonarburg is a Swiss national with industry experience spanning 30 years in telecommunications. In his last appointment, he led the Data Networks, Infrastructure, Managed Services, and Network Sharing divisions at Ooredoo Group, Qatar. He deployed $275M in CapEx and managed $125M to $175M in OpEx per year. Marcel helped Ooredoo divest (sell and lease back) of 5,000 Telecom towers in Java, Indonesia and Myanmar / Burma. He also helped divest 80 percent of an orbital satellite. Collectively these actions raised $1.2B.

Marcel’s track record spans 46 countries, including negotiating a mobile network licence in Sudan, building a green field network in Armenia, and leading the Post-Merger Integration of Ooredoo Kuwait and Fastnet Kuwait. He fixes organisational problems and optimizes operations.

At present Marcel consults to, and holds various directorship roles in, companies he acquired in the UK and Switzerland. He has recently exited one of his companies. Marcel has also held the role of Chief Transformation Officer with the focus of Pre- and Post-Acquisition Corporate Transformation, Integration, and Growth

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering with honours; Major – Electronic Engineering (UK), a MBA (UK), an E-MBA (INSEAD), an E-MBA ( Tsinghua, China), and a Masters of Research in Finance Accounting (UK). Marcel is also a Chartered Engineer (CEng, IET, UK). .